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We give voice, profile and influence to Christian organisations who want to change the world. From global NGOs to ambitious start-ups, each of our clients has a story worth telling – we’re here to help them share it.

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We have a strong track record of identifying newsworthy content and helping clients reach new audiences. We’ll help you craft cut-through messages, protect your reputation, increase media engagement and start public conversations that achieve your strategic goals.

We’re faith and charity specialists, but our team also has considerable experience across political and social affairs, business, consumer, publishing and health PR.

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With decades of experience in journalism, advocacy and PR, our team knows what it takes to craft communications that can have a lasting impact.

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Who we've worked with

Eternal wall 2x
Tearfund 2x
Mercy ships 2x
Stewardship 2x
Habitat for humanity 2x
Getty music 2x
Evangelical alliance 2x
Trussel trust 2x
Bible society 2x
Madlug 2x
Compassion 2x
Om 2x
World vision 2x
Cuf 2x
Spring harvest 2x
Scripture union 2x
Harper collins 2x
Cap 2x
Samaritans purse 2x
Christians in sport 2x

What our clients say

“The level of coverage that was achieved was phenomenal and certainly far in excess of our expectations. It is clear now that we have gained considerable momentum... It is also clear, from the widespread positive comment that we have received, that the message of 'making hope visible' has achieved considerable resonance."

- RR Davis, Chair of Trustees, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

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How to engage with your local media

Securing local media coverage is an excellent way to raise your profile in your community, build trust and encourage people to take action. Here are five steps to help you get great local media coverage:

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