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2 August 2021  |  Insights
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PR professionals are very used to working behind the scenes, and thankfully we love it that way!

At Jersey Road PR, we collectively have a passion to see our clients succeed and we count it a privilege to help them tell their stories creatively.

But who are we? Who are the faces behind the emails? Well, let us introduce you to some of our staff, beginning with one of our Account Executives, Megan Hills.

Hi Megan, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I got married to Ben in September 2019 before COVID was even a glimmer on the horizon and we moved to just outside of Canterbury in December. We have recently become the proud owners of three chickens (Audrey, Marylin and Ginger), although in my mind they are more staff than family.

You are relatively new to the business, what made you think about working in PR?

Jersey Road! Honestly! I had never thought of working in PR before.

I had been running the Parliamentary office of an MP for a couple of years and had loved writing speeches and articles and powerfully telling stories in the pursuit of genuine change. I also had a lot of experience navigating the nuances and complexities of communicating clearly and sensitively on divisive topics. So in many ways PR was a natural fit, I just didn’t know it!

I knew I loved writing and being creative. I knew I loved people and I was passionate about being aligned with the vision of who I worked for. When I came across Jersey Road, they fitted the bill perfectly. The team is great, and I get to work with a whole host of clients, there are tons of opportunities to be creative and I wholeheartedly support Jersey Road’s vision to give voice, profile and influence to faith-based organisations who want to change the world.

What has been a highlight while working at Jersey Road?

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, so this is quite a tough question. Possibly working on a campaign for World Hunger Day for Compassion UK. It was the first time I had delivered a campaign on my own, so it was quite intense. But I saw the campaign from strategy to execution and got to work with some fantastic people with amazing stories.

Is there something you have learnt about your time working in PR that would be helpful to share?

Remember who you are writing for! In comms you always need to have in the back of your mind the journalist and the editor as well as the reader. You need to consider all the people involved between sending the article and it being published.

What would you tell someone who is starting out in PR. Any helpful tips?

If you are working in an agency, it is so important to know your clients really really well and the same applies to you organisation if you work in house. You need to know the core of their identity as an organisation, what drives them and what their ultimate aims are. Get to know the nuances of their team, their leadership and their history, their strengths, and their pressure points. It’s only when you really understand the identity of an organisation and their ‘why’ that you can communicate with them and for them effectively.

Tune in for our next instalment of behind the scenes in the coming weeks.

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