Charity tackling porn wins a year's free PR

2 November 2020  |  News Press releases
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Ian Henderson, Visible Ministries

Jersey Road PR announced today that the winner of its 10th anniversary Big Birthday Giveaway competition and the prize of a year’s worth of free PR support is Visible Ministries, a UK charity whose flagship initiative - the Naked Truth Project - is tackling one of the UK’s greatest and growing societal issues: pornography.

Visible Ministries’ core aim is to open eyes and free lives from the damaging impact of pornography through education and recovery. Last year, one porn website alone reported 44 billion hits a year from users of all ages. This staggering statistic prompted writer and producer Russell T Davis to state that “pornography is the greatest crisis facing children in the 21st century” at this year’s Children’s Media Conference.

Andi Russell, co-founder and Training Director at Jersey Road PR, says, “Visible Ministries may be a small team, but it has a big vision and also faces a huge challenge, so we hope that with the help of our team of PR experts at Jersey Road, we can support them in the fight against the damaging impact of pornography, especially on young people. We can’t wait to work with them and help share their stories within the media, raising awareness of this issue to a wider audience and helping them increase their impact. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years as an agency!”

Founded in 2013 by Ian Henderson, Visible Ministries provides practical support and help for those struggling with compulsive porn use. With a team of expert therapists, Visible Ministries has developed a range of professional resources for Christians and those with any or no faith.

Ian says, “As a team we are so excited to have won the Big Birthday Giveaway. The other finalists were such incredible charities and to be honest I was surprised and honoured that we have won this opportunity to work with Jersey Road.

“Pornography is daily damaging millions of lives and Naked Truth has been working to bring awareness, education and recovery programmes for over five years. However, we applied for the competition because now, more than ever before, we see the need and are ready to raise our voice around this issue and the help that is available. Jersey Road will be such as essential part of bringing that hope and help to people’s attention.“

The only organisation in the UK focused on raising awareness of this issue and helping those directly affected, Visible Ministries has in the last four years delivered secondary school lessons to more than 25,000 pupils in the UK. In addition, it has run 45 workshops to help parents tackle pornography use in the digital age. It has also trained multiple church leaders on how to tackle this issue within their local communities; developed and established an ongoing recovery and support programme for spouses and partners of those struggling with pornography, providing long-term support to more than 900 men and women through recovery groups and one-to-one counselling.

One of the competition judges, Gav Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance, says, “This amazing work is so relevant at this moment after such an increase in porn use during lockdown. Jersey Road is able to offer so much to them and will no doubt deliver a different story on porn to the media. This issue affects so much of the population overall, across the generations, so the impact of Visible Ministries could be huge.”

Another of the Big Birthday Giveaway judges is Chine McDonald, Head of Community Fundraising and Public Engagement at Christian Aid and author of “God is not a white man and other revelations”, out May 2021. Chine says, “I loved the vision and creativity of Visible Ministries in providing a much-needed, relevant and innovative approach to one of the biggest social issues facing so many households up and down the country. Their Naked Truth project is brilliant and there is lots of scope for media, PR and church engagement to grow the service.”

To find out more about Visible Ministries please visit:

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