Storytelling - what's the big deal?

26 November 2019  |  Insights
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When I first entered the world of PR, I heard so many people say to me “Oh, PR is easy, it’s just storytelling and sharing”, the more and more I work with our clients the more I’m realising they were right…or they were almost right.

While PR might not be easy, the past year has taught me that storytelling is key in the work we do. But why?

With the recent rise of social media and digital platforms, individuals across the world are sharing their ‘story’ with their followers, friends and families every day. We all strive to get the best filter to compliment our story, or try tirelessly to engage others in the awesomeness of whatever we’re getting up to on a Saturday. We have the ability to control and shape our stories, making them as attractive and engaging as possible.

Where marketing content used to rely on experts and brands themselves giving insight on topics and products, content is now so often focused on customer reviews and experiences to sell their products. Consumers want trust to be built with a brand and the shared experience of customers, whether through an advert, blog, social media post or YouTube video takes the consumer on a journey. And it’s the same with PR.

Using personal stories in your PR strategy is not only interesting to both the journalist and the consumer, but also connects with them on an emotional and personal level. Stories help us connect with each other, it helps us make sense of things that have happened and it’s also a great way for one to remember information. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years, our human nature has a need to share our experiences with others and be entertained.

Every brand will have a story, many stories of personal impact, and sharing the experience of your brand, and chances are consumers are already sharing their stories and experiences of you on some social platform. If you can find your stories, and tell them well, you can shape your messaging and offer journalists then chance to engage and share really great content that speaks to the individual and connects with them on a deeper level.

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