That’s a wrap – our top five blogs of 2021

7 December 2021  |  Insights
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Best of 2021

We’re here to give voice, profile and influence to faith-based organisations - and one way we do this is by sharing PR insights and experience on our blog to help you communicate effectively.

We hope you’ve found lasting value in the blogs we’ve written in 2021. Perhaps you’ve read one or two already, or maybe they’re new to you – either way, enjoy our wrap up of our five most popular blogs of the year:

5 How to engage with influencers (November) Learn to be articulate, bold and curious so you can better engage with influencers said Julia, our Influencer and Engagement Manager.

Influencer blog 2

4 How can Christian organisations avoid being misunderstood? (April) - Our PR Account Manager Esther shared five of her top tips for how your organisation can communicate better.

Globe blog

3 Behind the scenes… (August) - We found out what makes our wonderful Account Executive Megan so enthused about working for Jersey Road PR, and discovered she has three rather demanding chickens at home!

Jersey Road PR 077 1

2 Why busy journalists need your b-roll (August) – What is b-roll and what can it add to your media pitch? We caught up with ITV News planning editor Andy Thomson for his insights.

Editing b roll2

1 When an interview goes wrong – three lessons from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s COP26 comments (November) Make sure you read the room, monitor the response and say sorry if you mess up – a good rule of thumb when doing interviews with the media.

ABC for blog

Look out for more blogs in 2022, which we hope you will find interesting and will give you ideas and guidance in your communications. And do get in touch if there’s anything further we can help you with.

Written by Andrew Horton, Head of Content, Jersey Road PR.

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