The Prevalent Podcast?

21 June 2021  |  Insights
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Is it fair to say that podcasts are almost fanatically loved by some people, but still remain like an alien mystery to others?

Like Marmite, whether you love podcasts or loathe the very word, they have been reported to raise a loyal and influential listening audience - according to PR Week.

Here are six why reasons:

  1. Podcast subscribers are reported by PRCA to be increasingly willing to pay for subscriptions, suggesting that audiences desire specific content.
  2. Large news organisations that have cut costs are starting to produce more audio content since the launch of smart speakers. The flexibility of listening on demand means they can reach a more niche and loyal range of listeners. Audio seems to be a cost-effective and flexible way of communicating, resulting in more choice.
  3. Podcasts can be accessed and listened to while someone is on their daily jog, train commute, or while feeding a baby. The story/interview can then be paused and conveniently finished in its’ entirety at a later, more convenient time – for example, while washing up.
  4. Sound clips from podcast interviews are released to an audience through a mobile phone app or website but can also be used through a company’s social media feeds, creating shareable content through multiple channels .
  5. The platform provides room for a more conversational interview which can include more reflective, open-ended questions for the interviewee. This makes the style of interview feel more personal and authentic to the listener.
  6. There is a selective and engaged audience because searching and subscribing to podcasts takes a little bit of time, even with well-known platforms such as Audible or Spotify.

With these reasons in mind, podcasts may begin to hold a valuable position on the stage of media communication – more so than ever before.

If you would like to consider further building your public profile and amplifying your organisation’s voice in the media, we would love to hear from you.

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