3 questions every business must ask

13 April 2018  |  Insights
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Whatever your size of business, the art of sales, or business development or customer acquisition….whatever you call it….can be tough.

Today we heard a surprising statistic.

80% of (cold call) business happens after the fifth “no”.

In other words, when you are trying to grow a business and develop new clients, you have to persist with, adapt and develop your messaging at least through five rejections in order for 80% of those potential clients to choose you.

Now, you might think what we did. Is that not just badgering people? Won’t they simply get annoyed and be turned off?

Not if you are clear in communicating three main things:

  1. Where are the areas you are adding value?
  2. What would be the risk to your potential client if they were not to choose your product or service?
  3. Why you are best placed to mitigate those risks and meet their objectives?

If you are not clear on these areas, give some time to thinking them through.

Don’t think from your perspective, think from your client perspective. What is important to them? What are their objectives? How are they being measured?

And then….

How can you help?

You do not exist to simply make money and build a big business….you exist to meet a need and to show how you can do it better than your competitors.

If you haven’t already, get some space in the schedule today and start thinking about it. Jot ideas down. Ask your colleagues. Then develop a plan.

Your business will never be the same.

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