Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) CEO, Paula Stringer, was keen to develop her media skills, having previously been in a different type of role. She requested media training in advance of the launch of a new client report to media around the increasing need for debt support services in the UK.

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CAP had seen an increase in live media opportunities and required training in media and presentations skills for their CEO and senior executive team separately, to incorporate:

‣ Building fluency and experience in being interviewed by journalists

‣ Practise in responding to difficult questions, including a hostile interview scenario

‣ Coaching in delivering presentations to an audience

‣ A focus on individual areas for development, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

CAP took up our option of filming the sessions, so that they could be played back and discussed during the training and watched separately with the communications team for reflection


Jersey Road PR’s training and crisis specialists worked closely with CAP and conducted journalistic research to produce bespoke training that would meet their needs.

We helped the CEO and executive team communicate the key messages from their newly released report, including statistics. We also worked with them to enhance their presentation skills and to achieve the right tone for both a standard and an extremely hostile media interview setting. We then set up an interview scenario which we role played ‘as live’ in a TV studio. We replayed the interviews and coached the interviewees to help them further improve their technique


Feedback on the day of the training was extremely positive. CEO Paula Stringer eagerly took on a radio interview about the new report following the training day and fed back that it met her objectives and further developed her confidence for future media interviews.

"I found it incredibly helpful to use relevant data to help me get my head around things prior to being grilled in real life. The trainer was so encouraging; I can see that the more I do the tough questions, the better I will become at responding to them."

Paula Stringer, CEO, CAP UK

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