Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer were preparing to announce a major milestone in their building project and wanted a national media campaign to support the announcement.

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Although the client had historically had some national media coverage, it had been sporadic and there was a need for a targeted and big impact strategy to announce that planning permission had been granted for the Wall to be built. The client had contacts at a local and Christian media level but required national and sector support to tell the story to a broader audience.

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We focused initially on identifying the key media hooks for the story, both nationally but also within the building and design sector. We then created bespoke media pitches for each target media, provided the client media training and offered an exclusive to a Sunday national. We also developed a media pack that included images, 3D video visualisations, bios and more details of the story and sent this as an embargoed story to all media over the weekend.


Following the publication in the Sunday national, various other print and online nationals also picked up the story, it was featured on Sky News, BBC, The Economist, Mail Online, Guardian and Sunday Times as well as Architects Journal and various sector publications. Our total audience reach eventually exceeded 2 billion and even weeks after the story broke, we continued to receive media requests for interviews and to monitor progress of the build. The story was seen multiple times by target audiences we had identified at the beginning of the project and the client received a huge increase in brand awareness as well as financial donations.

The levels of coverage that were achieved were phenomenal and certainly far in excess of our expectations. We were extremely impressed with the calmness and professionalism of your team. We want to express our huge appreciation for everything your team did to make the media launch such a great success.

Dickie Davis, Chair of Trustees, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

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