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We worked with apologist and mathematician Professor John Lennox to give profile to a new book release, bringing attention to the topics and questions posed in the book and encouraging readers to engage with them.

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Within the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor John Lennox (pictured) wrote a short but compelling book asking Where is God in a Coronavirus World? We were asked to work alongside the publishers to profile the big questions answered in this book and engage new audiences through diverse range of media outlets both in the UK and. Australia.

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Working closely with the marketing team and the publishers, we designed a strategic PR plan for the book. We identified key target media offering them either tailored written features, or interviews with Professor Lennox for their platforms. In addition, we sourced book reviewers in target publications, sending them pre-release copies of the book and asking them to conduct a review of the title.


The content of the book, and the questions it posed, interested many media outlets. Professor Lennox was interviewed by Ed Stourton on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme, and the book was featured on the Observer’s Book of the Week. Features and excerpts of the book were published in key national and christian target media, both in the UK and Australia. Over the 64 pieces of coverage secured, the book reached audience of 992 million across digital platforms, as well as accumulating an audience of 6.5million across broadcast coverage.

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