The number one UK bag brand dedicated to giving dignity to children in care, Madlug appointed us in 2019 to build its profile and raise awareness of its cause.



Youth worker Dave Linton was heartbroken when he discovered that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in a bin bag - so he started a luggage company that gives a bag to a child in care for each bag purchased. Dave wanted us to tell the story behind the Madlug brand and raise awareness of the challenges facing looked-after children.

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We worked alongside the Madlug team, creating a media plan from gathering background information and case studies, exploring key assets, key messages and spokespeople who would best engage with the targeted audiences. We specifically approached national and sector-specific media contacts with tailored pitches and offerings of key spokespeople for interview.


The media in Northern Ireland were excited by the story we pitched to them of a local business, with a strong story and powerful case studies, enabling change across the UK. We’ve achieved significant ongoing media coverage in Northern Ireland and across the UK, in target broadcast and print media. We've also run product placement campaigns, achieving placements in media including the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, NI for Kids and Heat magazine. By significantly raising Madlug's brand awareness, we’ve helped it build partnerships with major brands including Joules.

We love working with Jersey Road - they understand our brand and are passionate about our story and the level of impact our work can make on others. They have landed us amazing opportunities with media and made it possible for more to hear about Madlug across the UK and Ireland. We look forward to continuing our journey with them.

Dave Linton, Founding Director, Madlug

Featured in

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UTV life

“Given self-isolation and rules about distancing, children in care have had their contact stopped, causing more confusion and enhanced loneliness. We want to celebrate these amazing young people and enable them to feel loved and valued.” Dave Linton, Madlug

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