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Six weeks into Spurgeons’ Children’s Charity’s vital 2021 fundraising appeal, online engagement and donations were starting to flag – so Spurgeons called us in to quickly create a cost-effective animation that would inject new life into the campaign.

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The animation


Spurgeons’ appeal was raising money to help children facing domestic violence and abuse get the counselling and support they needed during Christmas and beyond. With donor interest falling, the charity asked Jersey Road PR to produce a video that would powerfully, yet sensitively, outline the need and move people to give.


With only three weeks remaining, we worked closely with the client to capture their objectives and develop a script — based on an existing case study from the campaign — with a strong story arc and call-to-action. Our specialist designer used the script and voice-over provided by Jersey Road PR, with sound effects, to bring the story to life.

Sensitivity was needed to portray themes such as domestic violence — animation lends itself as a medium to this sort of story and is also more cost effective and quicker than a live shoot. A longer-format video with subtitles was used for the campaign’s landing page, on all the client’s social media platforms and during church presentations. A shorter version was developed for social media ads.


The animation for the Christmas appeal proved to successfully drive online engagement on the client’s website and social media. The compelling story, carefully crafted script and powerful visual format of the animation was a successful combination that resonated with existing and new Spurgeons’ supporters and revived flagging interest in the campaign. Spurgeons saw an immediate pick-up in donations when the animation went live, and eventually a 25 per cent year-on-year increase in donations.

“I was so impressed by how fast Jersey Road PR turned this animation around. We needed an innovative solution for our Christmas appeal that would engage with visitors to our website, our social media followers and church partners. As an agency they know us really well and understood what we wanted to achieve. They provide fast, quality turnaround and I can trust that they will deliver.

We approached them as things were going awry, looking for inspiration. They took great content that already existed and turned it into a visual format that suddenly made it more compelling."

Brian Bennett, Head of Engagement and Fundraising, Spurgeons Children’s Charity UK

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