Compassion UK and Compassion Australia partnered with us to achieve media coverage raising awareness of girls facing child marriage around the world – powerfully illustrated by a series of staged photographs of teenage brides.

13 year old Lauri supported by Compassion in Dominican Republic in a staged photoshoot to protest child marriage Image 4 Compassion International copy


Compassion’s target audience is largely within the Christian media landscape and the charity chooses to work with Jersey Road PR given our speciality in this space.

Compassion had a number of beautiful photo assets that featured teenagers from around the world, in a staged photoshoot in wedding dresses to highlight the issue of child marriage. The timing of the story also coincided with the release of a UNICEF report that found an additional 10 million girls were at increased risk of child marriage over the next decade, due to the impact of COVID-19.

Compassion was able to provide first-hand case studies from its workers in the field to demonstrate the challenges girls face in many communities around the world, especially since they have not returned to school following the outbreak of COVID-19.


Working closely with the client, we created a PR plan around the photo assets telling the stories of children facing the reality of marriage. We created a media strategy that included specific media targets and offered Compassion’s CEO for interviews.

Through press release distribution and the development of thought leadership pieces for print, using International Women’s Day as a hook, the team was able to highlight the issues of child marriage, reinforce Compassion as a thought leader in the space of global child development and serve as a launch for a prominent fundraising campaign around the plight of women in developing countries.


The targeted pitches and content from the features generated significant interest in the Christian media across both print/online and radio. In the UK the Church Times ran a full spread feature on the story.

“We are thankful for Jersey Road PR's wisdom and expertise as we navigate the often challenging media environment. They’re always quick to act as well as both encouraging and kind in the way they work with our team.”

Andrew Barker, Narrative Lead, Compassion Australia

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