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The Trussell Trust, a charity working to stop UK hunger and poverty, had partnered with New Wine to produce a podcast that required concept development, production and promotion.

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Having partnered with the Christian event New Wine, Trussell Trust were looking to produce a 20 minute podcast that provided a mixture of practical and biblical insights exploring the concept of harvest, social justice, food poverty and generosity. The client required creative input, identification and securing of the podcast guests and promotion of the episode once live.

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Trussell podcast


We proposed approaching two high profile Christian leaders, the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin the Bishop of Kensington, and Mark Melluish - both of whom have experience of food banks and also great insight on the church’s response to injustice. We prepared a brief for the two guests and Trussell Trust CEO Emma Revie and co-ordinated the recording, production, editing and delivery of the episode. Once the podcast had been finalised we created a PR plan to pull out some of the key discussion points and offer both Emma and the Bishop (pictured left) for interview to media.


The podcast episode was delivered to brief and on time and the release was sent to key media contacts. The primary media target had been Christian media and we were able to secure a number of pieces including interviews with Emma Revie on BBC religious programming and UCB Radio. The Bishop of Kensington also shared the episode on his social media, increasing the audience reach to the primarily Anglican audience.

We really appreciated the professionalism and expertise that Jersey Road brought to the project. They understood our context and priorities and were able to use their networks and experience to deliver a high quality resource, helping us engage more people with our vision of ending the need for food banks in the UK.

Heather Buckingham, Head of Church Engagement, Trussell Trust

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