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World Vision UK and Northpoint Care partnered together to raise awareness of the impact COVID-19 was having on children and their mental health.

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The clients have a shared desire to support children and families, particularly those living in poverty. As part of this project they were keen to explore the impact COVID-19 may be having on children and what concerns were of primary importance to parents. They were keen for national media exposure and were looking to reach a mass audience with the message.

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Our suggestion was to build the story around research, commissioning a respected polling agency to survey parents on their primary concerns for their children and also who they believed were most responsible for their children’s mental wellbeing. The research provided a number of possible angles but we recommended what we saw as the most compelling and created a media pitch, wrote a press release and provided media training to spokespeople.


Having created the media pack, we approached a small number of key media contacts offering the story as an exclusive. We were able to engage both a print/online media outlet with a print exclusive and also a national broadcaster with the broadcast exclusive. Both ran on the same day and the result was significant reach in both mainstream audiences and laterally in Christian media. Both clients received national profile and were able to speak with authority into the issue of child mental heath and how parents can be best supported.

Jersey Road are trusted partners of World Vision UK. They believe in our work, are direct and honest in their approach and they’re committed to delivering breakthrough results. It’s a pleasure to work alongside them.

Graeme Newton, Director of Public Engagement, World Vision UK

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