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An effective PR campaign can catapult your brand into the media spotlight, raising awareness of the issue or product you want to promote and mobilising people into action.

Tell us your goal and we’ll produce an attention-grabbing campaign to bring it to life.

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We’ll brainstorm creative ideas with your target media in mind, and once we’ve found a creative concept you love, we’ll devise a plan and make it happen.

Consistency is key, so we'll work closely with you to ensure the PR side of the campaign complements your marketing or fundraising efforts, reinforcing the story and call to action across your different communications channels.

Tearfund - campaigning for change

Christian NGO Tearfund wanted targeted media exposure to raise public awareness of its landmark report highlighting the link between the burning of plastic pollution and climate change - and ultimately to encourage people to take action.

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How to engage with your local media

Securing local media coverage is an excellent way to raise your profile in your community, build trust and encourage people to take action. Here are five steps to help you get great local media coverage:

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