What is PR and why is it important?

18 May 2022  |  Insights
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“I work in PR,” I said.

“Oh, cool,” my dinner party guest replied. But I could tell he didn’t really know that meant.

If only PR had better PR, it would be much easier to explain what it is and why it is important. So let’s dive in.

How do you define PR?

Public relations is the discipline of building a reputation with the people that matter to you: from supporters to followers, donors to customers, media to government.

Its aim is to establish and maintain trust and understanding, laying the foundation for positive action – whether that's buying your product, backing your cause or supporting your opinions.

Why should we consider bringing in PR support?

Running any type of organisation is no mean feat. Managing your organisation’s reputation is vital to its existence and growth – but with so many different organisational priorities, it can be easily overlooked.

Having a dedicated PR agency to focus on driving awareness of your organisation, communicating what it's doing, securing free publicity and essentially earning people's attention and trust, is hugely beneficial.

PR doesn't happen overnight; it takes time and effort to manifest itself in great results, so bringing in an agency with a strong record of success is an efficient way to manage this element of your organisation.

A good PR agency offers a high level of expertise, from its knowledge of the media landscape to its experience of developing a range of effective strategies to gain exposure for your organisation – and how best to respond in a crisis.

The right agency will also have cultivated strong relationships with the media and influencers, knowing who to approach and how best to approach them to achieve the publicity you want.

Read some examples of how we’ve worked with our clients in recent months.

Will we get a good return on our investment?

We can’t speak for anyone else, but at Jersey Road PR we are a proven professional PR agency which has been delivering data-driven results for more than a decade.

In 2021 we helped gain 2,767 pieces of coverage across UK and Australian media. From the BBC to ABC, the Guardian to Courier Mail, our clients' stories reached an estimated 81,842,583 people.

As specialists in working with Christian charities and organisations, we have strong relationships in the places that make a difference for our clients. We understand the media, the Church and the not-for-profit sectors and can help you engage more effectively in the public square.

We share your values and understand your needs, will help you protect and elevate your reputation, and be a trusted source of wisdom in a crisis.

We know what PR is and why it’s important, and we’re hoping you do too.

If you would like to meet with one of our directors for a no-obligation chat about your needs, drop us a line.

Written by Andrew Horton, Head of Content, Jersey Road PR.

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