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When Covid-19 hit in March 2020, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Australia wrote a selection of features that they wanted to reach their target media and build brand awareness.

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CAP Australia wrote a selection of thought leadership pieces surrounding the role of churches in the coronavirus pandemic, as well as practical help supporting those facing financial challenges. In order to build brand awareness within Churches across Australia, they wanted to place these articles in leading Australian Christian media outlets.

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Working closely with the in-house team, we assessed their key messages, helped to shape the article content and created specific targeted media lists. We matched the best content for each outlet and offered the articles, as well as interviews with CAP’s CEO Rosie Kendall (left) and Head of CAP Money, Stuart Sampson. We then created targeted pitches that would cut through the large amount of corona-related content many key journalists were seeing at the time.


The targeted pitches and relevant content of the features generated significant interest in the media. A practical article around building budgets was featured in Eternity Magazine, and Rosie was interviewed by eight target radio stations on the subject of the role of the Church in the crisis. Of the 29 pieces of coverage secured, we secured a readership of 639K, and a further 373K listeners across broadcast coverage. The topics were relevant and engaged key audiences in the service and impact churches and CAP can have on those struggling with debt in Australia.

We really value our partnership with Jersey Road. They have helped CAP grow our media coverage and strategic messaging into the media much faster than we would have ever been able to alone.

Rosie Kendall, CEO, CAP Australia

Featured work

Eternity for CAP and Open Doors
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“The financial resilience of many in our nation is about to face a great challenge. We will probably all feel the effects in some way or another, so it’s wise to take time to consider how things are right now.” Stuart Sampson, Head of CAP Money

Eternity for CAP and Open Doors
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