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Open Doors needed to expand their media coverage for their “One With Them” campaign, and aid in their influencer management.

JD Taya


Open Doors exists to raise the profile of Christians facing persecution around the world, and the “One With Them” Campaign aimed to bridge the gap between the western world and the persecuted church by asking Christians across Australia and New Zealand to donate a day’s wage to the survival of the persecuted church. Open Doors had recruited influencers to aid the promotion of the campaign and there was a need to help manage their team of ambassadors to share their stories.

Mark Darlene


Working closely with the client and the influencers on board for this project - including Karl and Jane Faase, Steve Chong, Mark and Darlene Zschech, and JD and Taya from Hillsong United - we explored assets, key messages, objectives, spokespeople and ambassadors who would best engage with the intended audiences. From this, we were able to create a media strategy that included specific media targets. We then approached national and sector-specific media contacts with a bespoke and targeted pitch, offering key spokespeople for interviews.


The targeted pitches and profile of ambassadors created some great awareness with both sector and national media outlets. The campaign’s strong message was simple to communicate and understood by key audiences, and strong brand equity and recognition of Open Doors was able to establish the client as a thought leader in supporting the persecuted church. The coverage saw an in-studio interview with Sky News Australia, and featured on ABC’s God Forbid.

The strategy opened up new channels of communication that we identified as being most effective in engaging with the audience and provided a clear framework for further campaigns.

Jersey Road breaks all the moulds. In a four-month period they singlehandedly delivered more reach and impact that we’ve had in the last five years of working with media. They have influence and reach across multiple segments and have a deep understanding of what works.

Mike Gore, CEO, Open Doors Australia / New Zealand

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