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International Bible research centre Tyndale House brought us on board for the production of the Trusting the Bible 2 podcast series.

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The new podcast series aimed to raise confidence in the Bible, while positioning Tyndale House as thought leaders who bring together outstanding Bible researchers to help people understand the Bible better.

By bringing us in as expert partners, Tyndale House were able to leave the quality of the technical production to us while they focused on the content: providing a rational case for trusting the Bible, demystifying the work of biblical research and equipping listeners to approach difficult Bible passages.


Working alongside Tyndale House, Cambridge and Bible Society, we produced a production plan, provided technical leadership of the podcast recordings and edited for delivery.

Over five 40-minute episodes, guests on the show including renowned biblical scholars Dr Daniel Block, Dr Ros Clarke and Revd Dr Helen Paynter, discussed tough topics in the Old Testament.


4,000 downloads within the first month of launch.

“The technical expertise and experience that Jersey Road brought to our podcast series was invaluable to us as a small team. Thanks to their help we were able to focus on the podcast content, knowing the production would be high quality and delivered on schedule.”

Beth Vickers, Communications Manager, Tyndale House, Cambridge

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