Reputation management

Whether you're a charity, a business, a church or a public figure, your reputation is one of your greatest assets. Customers, beneficiaries and supporters all invest their trust in the organisation they’re involved with, and that trust is inextricably linked to the reputation you have built.

Crisis management
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A badly handled crisis is one of the greatest risks to the reputation of any organisation. But while crises can’t always be avoided, if they're managed well they can even be turned into an opportunity.

That’s where a well-prepared team and its communications are worth their weight in gold. A good crisis plan, thoughtfully prepared and skilfully executed, can stop a crisis from becoming a catastrophe.

At Jersey Road PR, we provide hands-on support for you and your team by helping you respond to the media and stakeholders and develop and activate a clear strategy.

We can also train you and your team in how best to respond in a crisis. We'll not only help you understand how to create and implement your own crisis comms plan, but how to respond proactively and reactively - and even turn a crisis into an opportunity.

We've also produced an e-learning course in crisis communications for church leaders, visit the course page to find out more.

Crisis Comms

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How to engage with your local media

Securing local media coverage is an excellent way to raise your profile in your community, build trust and encourage people to take action. Here are five steps to help you get great local media coverage:

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