Knowledge is power. We use targeted data and analysis to help drive your organisation forward, giving you the actionable insight you need to innovate with impact and engage effectively.

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Consumer research - Using qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research, we can uncover your target audiences’ motivations and barriers to engagement; unpacking what the data means for you and how you communicate.

Strategy direction and audience development - We can track the health of your brand and campaigns, developing audience segments and identifying opportunities and strategies for growth.

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Innovation workshops, coaching and new product development - We can support you to drive innovation within your organisation: helping your team to broaden their thinking, challenge the status quo - supported by analysis of organisational and consumer data.

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How to engage with your local media

Securing local media coverage is an excellent way to raise your profile in your community, build trust and encourage people to take action. Here are five steps to help you get great local media coverage:

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